Lion City

Singapore gets its name from the Malay Singapura, or Lion City, and at first impression, the name is fitting. I am told this city has only been on a substantial growth track since 1965, yet at first impression it is as modern and clean as any city I have ever been in, and is booming. In fact, official figures claim it grew at almost 15% in 201o. That number can not be explained as catch up either, Singapore surpassed the United States in Gross Domestic Product per capita last decade. Something is going right here and I am honored to be here to study and research that question. I will be conducting research over the next year in the Political Science Department of the National University of Singapore on the extent Asian identity and values has played a role in the policy and development of Singapore.

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  1. The most notable atrocity was the Sook Ching massacre of Chinese civilians, undertaken in retaliation against support of the war effort in China . The mass executions claimed between 25,000 and 50,000 lives in Malaya and Singapore. The rest of the population suffered severe hardship throughout the three and a half years of Japanese occupation.

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